You know when you are in a really boring place and just because you have a DSLR and you are adept, or are even a beginner, at photography, and our friends/family expect you to capture shots that are nothing short of the artsy wonders you find on Pinterest? In such cases, you need to employ these tricks and tips to cater to the photography demands of those around you (and keep yourself from biting their heads off)

Focus on the details

A basic mundane background is bound to have a lot of stuff going on everywhere like shadows in awkward places, walls and textures, the works. Capitalize on that. Some of the best pictures involve shadows and awkward lighting, and trust us when we say this, it does not take an expert to make use of shadows and lighting. To make it interesting and give it a professional touch you can focus on the peeling paint off the walls, the chipped wood, the dusty desks and all sorts of basics that are not new to the human eye but capturing it gives it a new edge and a story and an overall visual appeal to it. You focus on the different contrasts of color available in one frame or that one specific pop of color and create a very interesting shot. I mean, is it just us who keep wondering why the houses and scuffed furniture on Pinterest look much better than our equally scuffed and time worn homes and their furniture? It’s all about the photography, guys.


Source: Pinterest

Try different angles

Your background and the setting is already too boring as it is so capturing it in the same old manner of using the full frame would, yes, create a good picture but more often than not, it will just create another mundane picture *yawns*. Therefore, to give your picture a whole new perspective you need to change your composition and capture from a different angle to convert a simple setting into something much more.



Photoshop to the rescue

Sometimes, when you come across a particularly boring setting or a background where capturing it full frame doesn’t appeal to the viewer and neither does taking the shot from different angles or focusing on the details, you need to wear your super photographer cape and double click on the Photoshop icon on your computer. You can use false lighting or blur some edges from your shot to create a much more dramatic picture than your oh so boring scene.

See how this cool dad used Photoshop as his best friend in creating the most magical pictures of his children, here.

boringUse props to amp up the boring setting

Sometimes props can make the most mundane of settings pretty interesting. And by props I don’t mean the chart paper creations saying “He’s Mine” and “Finally Legal”, to point out a few, but actual props that add to a setting and connotes an emotion to it, such as humour in the picture below.





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