Pakistani guys on Facebook, goddamit we love you but all of you have these exact same pictures on your Facebook. It’s unavoidable, every profile you open up its these same exact five pictures! Koi originality lao yaar

Swag is for boys Class is for men?

Go through all the guys in your Facebook friend list, notice something? At least 50 of them have on a fancy suit in their pictures they wore that one time on their chachoos mehndi. But hey, they look fine as hell so you won’t hear any complaints from me no siree.

Suit Pictures


The ‘Kaan k saath phone’ pictures

We get it, naya phone liya hei you deserve to show it off but don’t you think taking an ultra HD 4k picture, with 50 filters, 13 shaders and 29 captions showing off your brand new Nokia 3310 is a bit too much?

Phone pictures

“ New iPhone #blessed”

Gucci ki belt LV k jootay

I don’t know if this is a line from a Honey Singh song but I sure do know that every day I log in to Facebook I see another guy falling to this disease: tucked in shirt with Gucci ya Hermes ki belt . At least 90% of the time both of these items in pictures like these are fake.

Pindi Pictures

Pahaari ilaqa / Picture with a Mountain

All it takes is one trip, just one to somewhere with mountains and BAM! You have a new Cover Photo, a new DP,a new picture to post We get it you saw a mountain, good for you



Mountain pictures

Completely accurate representation of a DP after a trip north

Never look in the camera

For some reason guys will never directly look in the camera when taking pictures, pair this with some sunglasses and maybe a fancy car then you have got yourself the four horsemen of the apocalypse all combining to make the most generic profile picture you’ve ever seen

Explosion Pictures

Another completely accurate representation of a guy’s DP



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