Owning a professional camera is like the new pack of gum, you open one up and suddenly everyone is your bestest buddy. It can’t be helped, everyone wants a new DP but they seem to ignore the feelings of the photographer actually taking the DP. Here are some more examples of what someone with a camera goes through everyday

Yaar DP to lei bhai ki

Okay so here’s the scene: you’re going to a party to have a good time, you bring along your camera to take some pictures you know just to capture some moments but all of a sudden you are surrounded by zombies slurmping towards you, they put their arms around your shoulder you and whisper into your ears a deadly sound: “Yaar bhai ki nai DP to zarra lena”

Every party for a photographer

Who Was That Again??

So you’ve got all these pictures in your memory card of people you met at a party now and your phone is filled with numbers of people who want you to sort through thousands of photos on your computer and select only the best to send them so they can put up one on social media with a stupid caption and not even credit you. Some of them don’t even bother to give you their numbers so you have to find them on Facebook and then send them the pictures. Such is lifeAccurate representation of photographer

“Your job is so easy and fun!”

* starts crying*
It really isn’t. If only people knew the countless hours on Photoshop trying to get the perfect result or the thousands of pictures of the exact same thing just with the smallest of differences and then going through them at 3AM trying to figure out which one looks best

Said no photographer ever

Everyone wants a freebie/ Sab mufta urate hei

Being a photographer is an expensive deal. You can never have enough gear and even if you’re down to your last dollar you just have to buy that new lens and none of this burns more than when a friend wants you to shoot their chachoos wedding- for free. Like a wise man once said:

Photographer should not work for free


Losing your charger/what a photographer fears most.

Out of all the worst things that can happen to a photographer, the absolute worst is losing your charger. Your camera goes from a sophisticated piece of equipment to a piece of junk and you look everywhere for the damn thing, hoping to find it and when you can’t you just sit there like:

Photographer dont know what to do



But you know sometimes a photographer can be blessed and stuff like this can happen!

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