As a Pakistani desi, there are certain things, outsiders will never understand. We are a strange set of people, with strange antics and really good food.

Lets talk about our people then shall we.

No concept of time.

Late watches

You can invite someone to your house at 7 and they’ll float in at 8;30 as if its not big deal.. Scientists have actually found that Pakistani people are physiologically unable to keep track of time (that scientist thing isnt really true FYI). Due to this we have the inability to ever be at a place when we are supposed to.

We live on Biryani.


There is actually biryani masala going through our veins (thats not true either). If it were up to us we would eat, drink and snort this stuff. Ask any desi kid, the day biryani is cooked at home is a good day, nothing can go wrong, NOTHING.

Our Mothers.

desi mothers

Ah yes, our mothers. According to them their daughters will never get married and their sons are failures for forgetting to throw the garbage. Common characteristics include the “done with life” look on their face, and features include chappals ready to beat you with, that’s when they’re not too caught up with their TV drama’s.
All this aside we all love them for the way they are. <3


Our common desi phrases.

do not understand

There are some things only us desi’s understand. “Kya scope hai” “scene awn karo” (never on). These common phrases are only know to us desi’s try explaining our use of the words “miss” to a non desi. Oh and lets not forget our use of the phrase “tensions nahi leni”. There could be a nuke about to drop yet that one dude will be like ” tension na le, tera bhai hai na?”

Names for our pets.



We have absolutely no creativity when it comes to naming things, take our pets for example. For cats you will hear “Simba/ Mano”, “Rocky” for dogs and “Mittoo” for a parrot. Rarely will you find names apart from these ones.

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