Use these amazing photo editing applications to wow all your Facebook/Twitter followers. There is an app to save you in every photo-editing problem.


Surprise surprise. Instagram may not be all that fancy, and its filters may add noise to your pictures, but there is just something about the application that draws you in. It is perhaps an even better platform than Facebook when it comes to showcasing your photography. That, added to the fact that it is free, well that just sells the application for me. What do you say?

Youtuber Adrienne Finch gives these amazing Instagram hacks to add to your overall Instagram experience.



With over two million combinations of effects, overlays and filters, Pixlr is your app to go to.  One can add filters, layer their pictures, use text and captions, add emojis, you name it, and Pixlr lets you do it to your pictures. Also, it comes with an excellent collage maker. Also, ever since its new update came along, things got even better. All this for the price of 0. Yes, it’s free. Hurry to that App Store/Google Play now.


Famous Youtube Makeup Guru, Desi Perkins, swears by this. Fun fact? All those flawless looking makeup selfies that you just cannot replicate? They are the product of FaceTune. Reviewers claim that the app puts its counterparts to shame. It is the Photoshop for your iPhone, if I may dare. One drawback? It costs $4. Not a lot, I know, but one tends to get very miserly when it comes to purchasing applications.

Well, if you see this video by Desi Perkins, you may just want to bear the expense.



Confession: When Prisma came out, myself being an Android user, I tried to look for the app on Google Play, but to no avail. Then, in the middle of the day, I spent a good half hour trying out alternatives to the application. Results? They all sucked.

If you are the fan of cubism, or abstract art, this one is for you. Here are some examples of Prisma at its best.


Meet fellow photographer and photography enthusiasts. Create your own albums and picture stories. Make the world your fan.

appPatch On

This one is uber cool. All your typography dreams come true. Draw a line in the shape you want your text to be, and voila. The drawbacks? A) It is only available for iPhone and iPad, and B) It costs $2 or so. SO all your iPhone users reading this, give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.


Photoshop Express

Guaranteed, this is not as good as the computer software, but it is still pretty good. That, added to the fact that you are getting Photoshop for free in your phones, well if that doesn’t do anything for you, I wonder what will.



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