One of the best ways to show someone you care about them is by giving a gift you know they are going to love. If you just happen to know someone who is into photography, as if all life depended on it, this is a list full of present ideas that you should look through.

You just might find the perfect one.


Now your little photographer may already have a camera, but the thing is not all cameras are the same or used for the kind of photo shoots or experiments. He/she may be a professional who has all the top gear or maybe a beginner still deciding what to start with. So a good camera is a pretty good option, but not necessarily the expensive one, since Polaroid cameras are extremely popular and cheap. Another good option would be go pros or even an old camera, if your friend happens to be a collector.



Selfie Sticks

Modern life depends on constant selfies. Selfies with friends, family, co workers, pets and plants are a must have. Selfies at the gym, office, party and at weddings are sacred. This means that photographers are often left with taking pictures and not having their own pictures taken; make them a part of the game by gifting a selfie stick so they aren’t left out of the picture.


Ring Lights

Ring lights are something to get if the photographer you know is already somewhat of a professional. They do wonders for portraits and magazine level shots, but they can be pretty expensive unless you find a good bargain. Amazon has some good deals on ring lights, see them here.



An inexpensive gift for your friend, that can make all the difference for any photographer’s daytime photo sessions, by making those pictures flawless and professional. A reflector is basically used to balance or deflect the amount of light that shows up in a picture. And it will probably bring a smile to your photographers face.

Follow this cool tutorial on how to use a reflector if you happen to get one as a gift.


A New Lens

This will be a great gift for someone new on the block, but are getting a hold of the art and gaining ground. And perhaps the best apart a spare lens is that it can be used with any camera model provide range to their pictures and give them some new dimension to explore.

Personally we believe a portrait lens would be an awesome choice.


Gorilla Pods

These pods look cute and do wonders when it comes to capturing unique angles in photos. They are light and probably best for the outdoors photographer. Buy the amazing gadget here.


Bokeh Kits

Some of the most eye grabbing aspects of a photograph which can either break or make a scene, is the lighting and the lights. And Bokeh images are new trend and staple and there different ways to incorporate bright lights into a frame, one of the most popular tools being fairy lights.

A Bokeh kit could mean lots of fun with night photography and really creative and mesmerizing pictures.


Photographer Centered Gift

Well the name says it all, you could get them mugs, notebooks, shirts and pretty much anything else. There are many options when it comes to this and you could get a lot in a few dollars and your photographer will love them.