Okay guys, Ramadan is here and we want to really drive the fact that you can’t eat for most of the day home. Lol jk. But really, with all the fancy Iftaars you are going to, it’s always a great idea to know how to take amazing pictures. Who’s to day, you might start up the next #chaiwala type buzz with some amazingly captured picture?

If you want to share your food with everyone in a more gourmet fashion and really amp up your food photography, here are a few tips from the us might help you.

Know your Food

It is a good idea to know a little about food, or the particular dish you want to photograph before you come up a composition for the picture. And we don’t mean this in the sense of tasting the food, or liking that dish, we mean that you should know what ingredients make the dish pop. Food photography really factors in the knowledge of the dish.

We also want you to know what goes well with the dish.

Like in the case of Biryani, we often have a side of dahi or chutney, which would add up to make a good picture. Likewise if you are going to take pictures of Oreo biscuits, you should include a glass of milk in the picture. Food photography is all about the best layout guys, and knowing your food helps.

food photography

You don’t have to have everything in

It is important to have a full image, with a range of colors, but that is not an excuse to include all the major food groups together. That way the picture has no main focus and nothing definite for the eyes to rest on, and it’s a mistake many people have made.

You don’t have to have everything on your plate, you could just have a basket of oranges and strawberries and that would enough for a good picture.

food photography

Take aerial food photography

You know the pictures taken upfront with the food up against a white background. We love these, and they are also a magazine favorite.

Plus we hope these will be easy for anyone to take.

Just place your camera directly above the plate and take a picture. And you are good to go.

No flash, but keep the setting bright to really add the wow factor

Using the flash will only make the plate and food look flat.

So unless you have proper studio lights, you best make of natural sunlight.

And remember brightness will add detail and make the colors pop out more. Just make sure there are no hard shadows.

Catch the action

Since all good pictures tell a story, make the food speak to someone. Take a picture of how the food was made, like someone pounding flour, or taking a cake out of the oven.

You can even just take pictures of fruit hanging from a tree, or a child eating a cookie, because that is a story enough.

Get close

Another thing you could do to be creative is zoom in on the food of your choice, and the folds, curves and structure make a statement.

This is something that never fails and it really gives you a variety of shots.

food pgotography

Get books

A common trend these days is pictures of food with a book that matches the color scheme.

We are pretty sure this trend came out of Instagram, and that the original duo was poetry books with either coffee or cupcakes.

But hey, you can be creative and come with a new combo.

How about, you get a cup of tea next to Ghalib’s poetry, or Halwa puri next to one of Baba Bulleh Shahs kalaams.

We call that being original.

food photography

Be creative

This is something we are always telling you, and with good reason, it is important to remember that you do have the power to decide what to do with the images.

Your idea might not be popular, or something common place, but you still try it out and surprise the world.

food photography

Change up the angles

It is the truth the grass is greener from a different angle, so if one camera angle is not doing the trick, don’t be afraid of switching it up and finding a direction which enhances the look of the food.

Make it artistic

We are being literal here; why not try making the food align into a form to make it look more beautiful for the picture. Food photography, or any kind of photography, really, is all about making the subject look beautiful.

You could make faces, or cut vegetables and fruits in a way that they look like roses. And what else? Maybe try making flower shaped cupcakes.

Practically anything with flowers will be next level good for pictures.

food photography

Source: Pinterest