In Pakistan, up till a few years ago, if a woman was pregnant, she would don a huge chaddar over herself to cover herself up until her baby bump got too big to show. Fortunately, however, our country has freed itself from this taboo recently and you keep finding photographs of pregnant mothers with their baby bumps and coverage of baby showers all over the social media. We at Photographire believe that there is a gold mine we are sitting on: Pregnancy photography.

So here are a few ideas which can make your pregnancy photos look super cute and make all the aunties go aww (if not hawww. Lol jk)

Use flowers

After all, what is a kid but a blossoming flower in the garden of your life? Too much? I thought so. But no, seriously, flowers make everything whimsical, which is exactly how it feels when you are expecting, because you are bringing a miracle in the world, or so we have been told. Take a cue from Beyonce, who recently broke the internet with her pregnancy photograph, dressed as a flower queen in front of a wall of flowers.

Show your ultrasound

Let me just tell this to you now. Pregnancy photographs WILL expose your pregnancy to the world (heads up for all the judgmental aunties). So why not show your adorable ultrasounds in your pregnancy photographs and really seal the deal? Okay, maybe not do what this couple is doing behind the ultrasound if your audience is primarily Pakistani.


Source: Heidi Hope Photography, Webneel.

Bring in your spouse and other kids

Nobody hates something as much as a tacky display of love, which is why, while bringing your spouse into the picture is a great idea, make sure it doesn’t look like a cheap representation of Karan Johar’s romantically overloaded movies. Take a cue from these classy couples, whose pictures I have listed below. Also, bringing in your kids (if you have any yet) is a great idea. It adds the cute factor, which we all live for.


Wear a beautiful gown

Ever heard of the pregnancy glow? Use that to your advantage. Adorn yourself in beautiful gowns and dresses to bring out the pregnant goddess that you are.


Make it PG-13

While I am all for pictures of baby bumps and all, you gotta know your audience. So make sure the pictures are not like, yknow, Beyonce dressed in tiny clothes because Pakistan is not yet ready for that hotness.pregnancy

Use the daylight

Daylight makes everything pretty. Period.


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