When we read about Sephi Begerson, the photography maestro and perhaps one of the most risk taking professionals we have seen in this field, uses iPhones to cover an entire wedding, we were beyond impressed. That got us thinking, are there any gadgets that can help you maximize your iPhone photography experience? We handed our maestros iPhones and came up with these five handy iPhone photography peripherals to add that little oomph to your photos.


iphone gorillapod

Let us just begin by confessing that truthfully, for those who do not know, monopod is just a fancy term for selfie stick. Yes, you read that right. Selfie sticks aren’t just useful when all your mamis, chachis, khalas, khalus, tayas, and etcetera want to fit into your selfie on weddings, they are also useful for great photography. Use them as your personal video coverage helpers or take great adventure pictures with it, the selfie stick is your iPhone’s best friend. Tripods, on the other hand, are a bit fancier. Yes, you do get tripods for your iPhones. And GorillaPods, you ask? Every seen a gorilla coil itself around a tree? Well that’s exactly what a GorillaPod does. Coil the flexible GorillaPod around something in lieu of a tripod, or simply use its flexible legs to the requirement of the picture, and voila. Great image stabilization made handy. Use this easy DIY to make your own.

Lumee/external lightlumee_ip5s-sil_final_424b595e-33af-445f-9146-a7cced7788e8_1024x1024

Some research (and speculation) told us that while Begerson used only iPhones to cover the beautiful wedding, he did employ the use of additional lighting to capture some beautiful moments when the lighting was gloomy. Good news is, external lights are very easy to access, and in Pakistan, cheap spinoffs of the Kim Kardashian endorsed Lumee are available in every mobile shop. (You have to love Pakistan for its quick response to recreating fad goods for much cheaper.)




Words cannot express how much you need this. Imagine yourself at a happening event, and you are taking the best pictures of your life with your iPhone, and (knowing iPhone’s battery power) it dies on you. You can get power banks for super cheap, but here are some options.


Remote shutter


Ever find your hand shaking while taking a selfie, and then blurring up your perfect iPhone moment (sorry Kodak)? While there are some expensive options in the market such as the Muku Shuttr, here is an interesting fact about your iPhone EarPods. You know how your volume buttons act as a camera shutter? Well you can use your EarPods for the same reason. You’re welcome.

External Lens

When we first saw these a year or two back, words cannot explain how excited we got. Using our iPhones as our own personal DSLRs? Yes please. You can get the exorbitantly priced ones such as the Moment Lens (https://momentlens.co/shop/), or you can get the relatively cheaper but equally good kind, such as OlloClip (https://www.olloclip.com/). The OlloClip will give you more bank for your buck, just by the way. However, this CamKix set has also been the recipient of much raving.




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