Jeremy McLellan, the biryani-loving comedian who has quite the knack for putting a hilarious spin on the nuances of American Politics, Islamophobia, immigration and racial indifferences finally announced, after a lot of convincing from Pakistanis, that he would be visiting the country in August.

As if we didn’t love the cutie already, he loves Pakistan so much that he actually set up an account on GoFundMe to help ‘deport’ him to Pakistan, because the man has often been criticized for having a soft corner towards Muslims.

Here’s a look of Jeremy McLellan’s Twitter account, which made my very Pakistani heart go all awwww:

jeremy mclellan

Look at that sass!

Anyway, so I rounded up all of my favourite moments from Jeremy McLellan’s trip to Pakistan (in hopes of convincing him to come back again because I couldn’t catch his show this time):

When he celebrated our Azaadi with us :’)

CHECK HIM OUT IN THAT GREEN KURTA YOU GUYSSSS. Uffh. I swooned a little when I saw this. Okay, a whole lot.

When he gave us a perfect Jeremy McLellan moment and took a dig at India for the whole spy pigeons fiasco (still lolling at that):


When he very casually remarked on our meat of choice (or just the meat we all may have frequently consumed), donkey meat:

Hahahahahahaha this one is my favourite. It may just be my interpretation of this post, but it seems apt enough. Trust Jeremy McLellan to make the news that most of us gag into something that made us laugh as if we were high.

jeremy mclellan

When he gave a whole new meaning to Pindi Boys and went on the classic Jashn-e-Azaadi rally adorned in the country’s flag:

jeremy mclellan


When even his replies to comments were sassy as hell (don’t miss the Panama case remark) but still he made sure to uphold the values of gender equality:

jeremy mclellanNo mansplaining, no misogyny, no pseudo superiority complex. I mean, that’s how humour should be. Cut throat but clean and devoid of the need of censorship. But hey! That’s just my opinion. #thankyoujeremymclellan for showing how gender equality is cool af.

When he was a cutie and quite possibly gave a rise to Pakistani tourism:

jeremy mclellan

When his love for biryani was unconfined:

jeremy mclellan

I mean, Shan Foods, you really did miss your chance.


All I can say is, Jeremy McLellan, you made us laugh our hearts out and Photographire offers you bucket loads of biryani and channay and other Pakistani foods you’d like if and when (hopefully) you come back. We hope you’ll pay us a visit too! (#fingerscrossed)