Living in Lahore for the past 15 years or so, we, or at least I, have come to grow tired of the typical pictures that are used to define and depict our city. For example the Shalimar gardens/Badshahi Masjid and Lahore Fort. Though these places are indeed awe inspiring and have history and beauty in every inch of them, they tend to take credit over the simpler things in Lahore.

Here we look at the more common, in the sense that we fail to notice what we are actually absorbing. A sort of mundane beauty, hidden in plain sight.

The Lahore Canal

With the colour of the water and the anxiety attack provoking traffic, we tend to forget the subtle things about the canal, like how the road is encompassed by greenery and the mist that develops over it in winter. The seemingly never ending road takes on another perspective in this long distance shot, showing the beauty off the canal which we often take for granted.

Main Boulevard Gulberg

This picture of an empty stretch of the Main Boulevard road gives a view of how long the road actually is and how it fades away the further you look. Moreover the way the warm street lamps highlights the cracks in the shiny road, yet eerily empty road warms your heart in the most subtle way.

Liberty Market Lahore

This picture of the liberty market gives a different perspective. Generally visits to the market are around either Eid or Shaadi season in order to buy fancy clothes and look like the fly-est kid on the block. However take note of how this picture captures the semi circular market in a way which we never imagined before.

The Liberty Roundabout

When you’re done with your Shaadi clothes from the Liberty Market, take out a minute to appreciate the surroundings, just before the liberty market is the roundabout with the famous liberty fountain that is always brightly lit in the evenings.


Source: View Storm

Here’s a shot of the cavalry bridge at night. When it isn’t jammed packed with traffic, maybe we can give credit to how amazing it looks in this picture with the subtle clouds looming over giving a flare to the sky.

The Ring/ Airport Road in Cantt.

Look to your left and you see the airport with the chance of catching a glimpse of a plane either landing or taking off. look to your right and.. well.. you see another road. So lets just look left and lets pretend that the airplanes in the night sky are like a shooting star because who really couldn’t use a wish right now?