For the first ever episode of Photographires’ Let’s Find series we ventured onto the streets to find the best pair of Jeans money can buy for guys! We decided on going to Packages Mall for our find since it has all the best jeans brands all under one roof.

We started out by narrowing down brands that were known for their jean making prowess and moved on from there. Of course there are a ton of brands that sell a good pair, but like I said, we wanted to narrow it down to a couple that really deserve your hard earned cash.

We eventually ended up deciding on the final three: Breakout, Outfitters, and Levi’s. As huge and sprawling as Packages Mall Is, all the brands we wanted were fairly close to each other and made it all the more easier for us.

Breakout Jeans

Breakout Jeans

First stop: Breakout. The jeans were….well…not very appealing. Some of them were downright ugly. But to be fair, looks- as important as they are- aren’t the most important factor that make a good pair of jeans good. It’s the fitting. We asked for their highest selling jeans and I was handed two of their best. A pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of semi blue ones that had their ends rolled up. For fashionistic effect of course. And how did these fit you ask?

Not well.

I’ve worn skinny jeans before. I know how they fit. These were not skinny jeans. These were death traps. My insides felt like they were going to be crushed. I couldn’t move. I went into cardiac arrest. They had to call the police and two firemen just to get me out of those pants. I barely made it out of them alive.

Ok I’m maybe exaggerating just a teensy little bit but they were really really tight!

Next I tried on the semi-blue ones that were rolled up for fashionistic effect, in fact the employees insisted I keep them rolled up when I tried to roll them down.They fit better than the black ones, but not by a lot. They felt tight in all the wrong places. I didn’t think too highly of the color before I put them on but oh lord did the color look bad when I did. Oh and the rolled up ends? I looked like I was trying on pants two sizes too small. Ammar actually laughed out loud when I came out wearing those.

Needless to say, we were not satisfied.

Outfitters Jeans

Outfitters Jeans

Our next stop on our path to Find was Outfitters. Now Outfitters actually had an entire section just for their jeans. They had ‘em all. From white, to ‘painted’ (more on this later) to simple blue jeans and some others.

They were really ugly

I’m sorry Outfitters they were! So these jeans were out under OufittersFestive Collection 2017. There was nothing festive about pants that look like you gave to coal miners to wear and work in the dark for their sad lives, no offence to any miners. This is what these pants looked like! They were white with patches of jet black all over them. Maybe they look good in some context but that’s a context I do not need to know about.

So I actually did not try these ones. My partner in find (see what I did there )  Ammar tried on these. He wasn’t actually dissatisfied with them completely. They did not look good- at all but to hear him say it they fir actually well. The material was a bit rough around the edges, but they did a good job of fitting them.

He said wearing these jeans was like having two plates of food: one with rice and the other with daal. If someone spits in the rice, sure you’ll like the rice but the daal would have completed the otherwise bland rice.They’re meant to complement each other, work together to be the perfect lunch. That’s how he described Outfitters jeans. With a daal-chawal analogy. God bless him.

Levi’s Jeans

Levi's Jeans

As soon as we entered the shop, we knew we were dealing with some heavy stuff. Half of the entire shop was just jeans. I asked the same of the employees here as I did with the others: to give me the best they had. They flat out said, there is different best for everyone. Kind of poetic actually.

So I picked out a random pair of jeans, a 04511 2281 to be exact. That first number is the type of jeans and the other number is the color code. I went in to the try room and put those babies on.

It was as if angels started singing to me. As soon as I put those on,my god, I knew they were the one. That subtle blue sky color. The tasteful thickness of them. And oh my god, they even had the iconic Levi’s stamp.

They were the right amount of snug. And the material. It was so soft! It felt so nice against my skin. No roughness, no nothing, just a soft an elastic pair of jeans. The color was absolutely on point too.  This was the first one I had put on from Levi’s and I already knew I needed to go no further.

I came out of the trying room my hand hanging low, tears rolling down my cheeks but a smile there too. My comrades looked at me distressed. I looked up, smiled and nodded knowingly.

No but really, Ammar had a similar experience. He said the first pair he tried turned out to be the perfect one for him too! No weird daal-chawal analogies here folks.

Levi’s knew what they were doing when they made these jeans and how could they not? They invented jeans!


Levi’s completely outclassed the other two brands. Setting out to find the best pair of jeans, I couldn’t really have thought that Levi’s could win me over like that but oh boy they sure did.

So there you have it folks, if you are looking for the absolute best jeans for men look no further than Levi’s!

But hey a picture is worth a thousand words right? What about a video?


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