We’re back for another episode of Let’s Find and this time around we’re looking for something that is very close to my heart. Nintendo. The Japanese gaming company has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a wee little child and in the past few years, I have grown closer to the company even more. Recently, they released the Nintendo Switch. It became the company’s fastest selling console– ever.

But woe to the Pakistani gamer, woe I say. Hum Pakistani jo hena- we only like Playstation and Xbox aur us par bhi sirf Call of Duty or FIFA and  maybe even GTA on the PC. As a result markets only stock these consoles and games ignoring Nintendo altogether. Even their highest selling console of all time is shunned!

BUT NO MORE! I set out to find a place for all Nintendo fans like me to purchase the Nintendo Switch and rejoice by playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!.

Finding The Nintendo Switch in H Block DHA

Mamma mia! It was a hot hot day and I was relentless in my find for the Nintendo Switch so we wet to the place whre I’ve been buying my video games my entire life. H block DHA. It’s much less of a gaming center than it was before but they’re quite a number of gaming shops there and you better believe we were going to search all of them.

Our first stop- Generations Gaming Store. It’s quite a reputable gaming store and I was absolutely certain they woudl have the Nintendo Switch. Entering they shop the first thing I noticed was Mario figurines! A ton of them! Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Waluigi!!! THEY HAD WALUIGI! Needless to say I was pretty sure I would find the Nintendo Switch here.

I didn’t find the Nintendo Switch here.

I asked the clerk if he had the Nintendo Switch and he turned around and put two Nintendo Switch games- Street Fighter and Bomberman but no console. They said they didn’t keep the console because there was virtually no demand for it. In fact, he said I was the first one who actually asked for the Switch! Pakistanio sharam karo. Nintendo makes some of the most amazing games and we shun them. They’ve had one of the best games of all time- yes all time as a launch title to their console and we don’t get it because ‘ bacho ki game lag rhi hei’

All things considered- the shop was pretty cool! They has a separate section for Virtual Reality gaming where you could play VR games. Pretty cool.

The Find Continues

I wasn’t disheartened- there were 20 other gaming shops in the area and one of them would have had the Nintendo Switch.

I stepped into the next shop- Games Club. A small but comfortable little shop that was undergoing some renovations. I stepped up to the counter and asked the man behind the counter the same question -” Do you have the Nintendo Switch?” He looked sullen- shaken almost. It was as if I had asked him about the night his mother died. A cold sweat broke from his brow and fell down across his face. He started to wheeze, mitigating my presence there. The other employees weren’t fazed, it was another day at the job for them. The man continued to wheeze and cough. He was growing bigger it seemed, and I could almost see him laughing at me. He was mocking me- I realized.

OK it wasn’t that dramatic but in my head it was.

The guy behind the counter simply smiled and told me that they don’t keep it because Nintendo is for little baby boys. OK no, he didn’t say that, he said they didn’t keep it because there was no demand for it at all in Pakistan. He told me of his other shops in other areas of Lahore and how non of them keep the Nintendo Switch.

And that was the tale for  rest of the 10 shops we checked- Ark Computers, Esquire, a DVD/Game shop- none of them had the Nintendo Switch. Not a one. Everyone said Pakistanis preferred PlayStation and Xbox to the Switch. I don’ t blame them but I was still pretty surprised by just how little interest there was in Nintendo.

Still,I had a dash of hope left. Y block Round Market. Another gaming hub.

Finding the Nintendo Switch in Y Block Round Market

Round Market was another place I has always went as a child to purchase games. So I made my way there.

I first stopped at E-shop and wow! They had all the classics. World of Warcraft inside the box mint condition, The original Prince of Persia, Age of Empires, Starcraft. All of these inside the box. They also had some really cool figures on display. From where I stood I could only make out Goku, Vegeta and Kratos from God of War.

And what about the Nintendo Switch?

Word for word- same answer. No demand for it. I thanked them and made my way to the next shop- Games Shock.

And there it was. In all it’s beauty. The Nintendo Switch.

Games Shock had the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, they had the Pro Controller and the Neon Joy Cons too! The box was still in mint condition, not a scratch on it. They did not have any Nintendo Switch games though but all tings considered, it was still very amazing that they had the entire Nintendo Switch package available. They told me they ordered the console for fans like me.

So there you have it folks! You can find the Nintendo Switch at Games Shock Y block!




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