So if you’re a Pakistani, you’re probably aware of the movie that came out recently: Punjab Nahi Jaungi. It features Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat with the beloved Urwa Hocane and Ahmed Ali Butt as supporting roles; who wouldn’t be intrigued?

punjab nahi jaungi

…Apparently, a lot of people. I’ve read numerous bad reviews of it, criticizing every single action the characters made. But I couldn’t care less so I watched the bloody movie anyway.

…And I loved it. It was downright hilarious and I wanted to clap in every scene. For a long time after watching it, I felt almost bad for enjoying it. Then I realized I should never feel bad for enjoying something that was made to induce enjoyment.

The movie follows Fawaad Khagha (Humayun Saeed), a postgraduate in political science who falls in love with Amal (Mehwish Hayat) who had studied in London. Drama ensues between the two families when Amal refuses his marriage proposal and cultural differences pave the path of tension.

On hindsight, the plot outline of this movie seems unflattering and nothing out of the ordinary. However, you have to simply watch this film to understand its depth. Here are my reasons for enjoying this film regardless of the negative reviews:

1. The Humor/Acting

mehwish hayat

This was hands down the funniest Pakistani movie I have ever watched. This is coming from someone with a really high standard of humor. The jokes were delivered with perfection and never seemed ‘wanna be’. They belonged where they did in the perfect context. At first, I thought the acting was just really bad. However, I quickly realized the accents were simply done for comedic appeal. In that sense, the acting was spot on.

2. The Social Commentary

punjab nahi jaungi

This movie may seem sexist and regressive, however that was the whole point. While entertaining us, it showed us the reality of our society, which nurtures its men to be sexist and feel no shame about it. On the other hand, it shows the power of forgiveness and starting new regardless of previous sentiments. It shows us even the bad guys can become good guys.


punjab nahi jaungi

You are LYING if you tell me you watched this movie and not one song got stuck in your head. I absolutely loved the songs and the vibes in each of them. Some of them even gave me goosebumps.

4. The Realization That We Can Make Movies Better Than Bollywood

I mean, honestly guys. Start appreciating your culture. It starts with the little things, like simply showing up to watch this movie. Then it moves on to bigger things, like realizing this was a f*cking brilliant piece of art. We have so much talent. Applaud these actors who work this hard to make us laugh and the editors who sculpted this movie to perfection. Because in the end, this is our art. Stop criticizing our talents, pseudo-social-justice-warriors. If you want to whine about it, then movie khud bana ke dikhao.

Appreciate our culture.

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