Unfortunately our society has a topic which no one really talk about. Mental health, if you’re looking for one of our typical funny posts, sorry, this isn’t one of those. This is a very serious topic which needs to be addressed

This isn’t just a rant because I’m a psychology major, it’s something which we should be talking about and brought into the open.

Most of us don’t realize what bottling these emotions does to our mental health. Depression isn’t the only problem, you see, anxiety and insecurities in our own lives can contribute to the overall depressive state. At our age our mental health can be compromised by a number of things, studies, rishtas, family problems among the most common, yet not taking anything away from anyone who is suffering from other issues..
Catharsis isn’t a bad thing, it can be with anyone.. However it would be most advisable to go to a professional, they’ll help you with your issues

Oh and on that topic, THERAPISTS ARE NOT BAD!! A Psychiatrist is a doctor capable of prescribing medicines, as well as therapy. A Psychologists is someone who goes in depth into the issues and generally takes more time in therapy, however does not prescribe medicines.
They are there to help, there is nothing wrong with talking about, actual psychological, medically proven illnesses. Psychiatrists are MBBS doctors and Psychologists go through 6 years to get their masters degrees. Go to them if you think you need help.

Ignore what the society says, how long are we going to let our aunties tell us that we’re mental or something along those lines, “namaaz parho”. Namaaz parho! Waqi parho theres nothing wrong with in fact its calming, lekin there are some thing which require professional help. If you go to a doctor for medical treatment why not go for this as well.

Lets not take these issues lightly, PLEASE don’t bottle this up. Its 2017, nearly 2018, the 21st century, why is something like this still taboo?! Why are you letting the society subdue you like this? Bottling these issues up could result in a bunch off displacement and defense issues. It could hurt you, and lead to further issues later down the line and at worst suicide.

Now that I have said what i needed to about the serious topic, click here for some more content to keep you laughing and entertained for hours.