Life as a Pakistani girl has the same beginning, end, and middle: with disappointed aunties. However, it’s not all bad. Of course, some of the stereotypes are true; they’re stereotypes for a reason. But there are some things us girls can all relate to and aren’t really talked about as often.

1. “Doctor Bano Gi?”

mahira khan

“B*tch what?”

I know. Cheesy, right? But it’s astounding how many times I’ve been asked the exact same question. Maybe it’s just a Pakistani thing, but for some unfathomable reason asking someone if they’re becoming a doctor or not is an ice breaker.

2. Being forced to move away from your male friends at least once

pakistani girl

Real story: I was hanging out with a female and male friend. At this point one of my teachers told us blatantly to move away from him. Rude, much?

3. No one lets you pay

First off, I’m honestly not complaining. People tend to feel its their right to pay for you and (sometimes) their masculinity is apparently offended if you do the same for them. Honestly though, that just means more food for me.

4. People find it their responsibility to take care of you


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a weak person who feels she always needs to be taken care of. But there’s something reassuring knowing people generally want to take care of you, especially in such a tharki society.

5. People have more expectations for you because you’re a Pakistani girl

dog meme

I’m looking at you, aunty. Its funny to admit but the stereotype is actually true, guys. Elders expect you to be neat and know how to cook simply because you’re a girl. I don’t mind, quite honestly, I believe everyone should look after their house and know how to cook. But it’s another thing expecting them to know solely based on the fact that they’re women. I believe it should be a universal thing.


Well, there you go, guys. If you want to share some more relatable experiences, do comment and let us know. Here‘s another article if you want to read more from us.