In a world where everyone is evolving and buying into being a photographer, it can be difficult to rise above the others, or even find a way to make your work pop out of the masses.  We have the growth of the internet and perhaps the falling prices of cameras to blame for, but it also has to do with the growing commercial need of photographers, since it has become greatly influential and beneficial.

In such a world, where this profession and hobby has become the game of the day, how does one stay ahead?

Well, one way is to know more than the others, and to work harder than everyone else.

And because we want to help, here is a list of websites to educate you about the craft.

DIY Photography

As the name suggests, this is one of those websites where you can find lots of articles and videos on how to improve what you do. The only difference is, this one is the pioneer of all DIY photography websites. You can request tutorials, or you could learn something new from their archives, which are pretty full, and I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.


Digital Photography Review

This website has tutorials for you and equipment reviews. Plus they have their own community on the site, which is a good way to get engaged.


Photo Pop

To be honest the name was enough to get our attention, because what else are pictures for. This website will catch your attention from the get go, trust us.


Photography Week

This is a website/magazine with an awesome following and community and they have the content to back up everything. Every cool thing that hits the photography world, you’d find it here.

Trust us on this one.


The Photo Argus

We like their layout and their content. This website is the perfect mix of creative and informative with a touch of their special element. So it’s a win win situation.



The man behind this blog has found the key to great photography; great lighting. Trust us guys, if your lighting is right, even the worst cameras can work their magic. They have one thing that we are in love with and what all photographers should know the importance of- lighting.

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting. And remember the best light is early morning light.



Hehehe. A little narcissism never hurt nobody. But seriously guys, we’re good.