Since pregnancy photoshoots are a relatively new thing in Pakistan, and even generally require mothers to be to get out of their comfort zones, it is essential for photographers to make them comfortable and prepare these expecting ladies in a way that gets them the best results. Here are a few tips how to prepare your pregnant clients in order to ensure a great photoshoot.

Strike a friendship with them

Your client needs to feel the most comfortable around you, for which, you need to be her friend. I was reading this Nora Roberts book (which you should read because its protagonist is a photographer), Vision in White, and the protagonist, Mackenzie, who was a photographer, fed her pregnant client chocolate chip cookies with warm milk which she knew were her favorite that relaxed the mother to be so much that her photoshoot was a great success. Lesson of the story? Know your clients well enough and befriend them if they are trusting you to capture one of the best parts of her life.



Give consults

While giving consults is not exactly a genius idea, you’d be surprised by the lack of it in Pakistan. If you give regular consultations to your clients and get to know what they want, you can really get a picture that your client really wants and is unique in its own way rather than a run of the mill photograph. Another pro tip for the consult: Make sure the place you meet with your client is very comfortable.

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Help her prepare for her pregnancy shoot

While you have covered the emotional aspect of the photoshoot with your consultation and friendship with the client, you need to be there on every step of the way. So make sure you hook them up with your great makeup artist friends and get them all dressed up for the pregnancy photoshoot. Better yet: Include the makeover and a spa session in your pregnancy photography shoot, so that your client is all pampered and is feeling her best when she comes before the camera to show her baby bump.

Maybe even suggest a babymoon? Here are some ideas.


Give her good wardrobe advice

You can be the photographer who just arrives at the location to click the photographs or you can be the one who helps your client choose a wardrobe that is aesthetically pleasant and does not take away the attention from her and the baby bump. My advice is, be the second kind. Make sure your client feels beautiful in her pictures. Pregnant ladies can be cruel, so you want her to really love your work unless you want to experience her wrath.


Take multiple shots of your pregnant clients

Let’s face it: Even when you are not pregnant you tend to dislike 7/10 of your pictures (optimistically speaking). So when you are in a phase where you generally feel uncomfortable and are stepping out of your comfort zone, you can tend to be more critical of your pictures. Therefore, you, s the photographer, need to take as many shots as your client wants in order to fully satisfy her.


Here’s to making the best of your pregnancy photoshoots!