Being an oily skinned girl for as long as I remember, the mere sight of lotions and moisturizers atop my mother’s dresser would make me cringe. Naturally, I assumed that moisturizers were not meant for me and spent my entire teenage years putting up with incredibly oily, flaky, sensitive and breakout-prone skin.

With the recent mushrooming of new skincare concepts, youtube channels and beauty blogs, I’ve spent the past couple of years looking into what all I can do to keep my skin healthy and balanced whilst simultaneously keeping the oil at bay. Needless to say, not everything works for everyone, yet hit-and-trial can help you find that ONE holy grail product you’ve been looking for all your life.

The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is one of such products that I swear by and I’ll tell you exactly why!

My skin is mostly oily throughout the year, but is combination with dry patches on the cheeks in cool, dry weather.

First off, oily-skinned people need to hear a few important facts:

  1. Yes, all types of skin (even oily skin) requires moisturizing!
    Oily skinned people often fail at controlling oil production because lack of moisturizing dehydrates the skin and sends it into a sebum production overdrive.
    The “counter-oil-with-oil” theory is NOT a myth!
  2. Now there are two kinds of moisturizers – gels and lotions. For those who don’t know, gels are water-based whereas lotions are oil-based moisturizers. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is a thin water-based formula that I absolutely love because:
  3. It absorbs into the skin without leaving an unpleasant film of grease (oily girls, raise your hands if you can relate!)
  4. It sits beautifully under foundation
  5. It’s extremely light weight and feels like nothing on the skin
  6. It balances out oil secretion in the long run
  7. Its non-comedogenic formula does not clog pores and prevents breakouts
  8. Clinique is one of the few brands that manufactures fragrance-free products. Scented products often aggravate breakouts and cause skin irritation so this is perfect for people with sensitive/acne-prone skin
  9. Since it’s a thin formula that spreads easily, you just need a pea-sized amount for one application. One bottle will last you the entire year (or perhaps even more)!

The only downside to the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is its price point. It retails for $27 for the 125 ml bottle in the US. For those who don’t mind paying a slight mark-up, it retails for PKR 4,000 at ENEM locally. For those who are slightly iffy about it being expensive, give the travel sized version a shot before you invest in the full-sized version. Even that lasted me a good 3 months! :O
Secondly, I don’t expect it to do much for people with dry to extremely dry skin since this isn’t a heavily hydrating oil-based formula.

Even though the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is slightly expensive, it feels like an extremely high-end product and is hands down the best moisturizer for extremely oily and combination skinned individuals!

Girls (and guys), PLEASE take my word on this one and give this a shot if you are struggling to find the perfect moisturizer.