For the third episode of “Restaurant in 60 seconds” we will be looking at Cafe Jade by China town, located on Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg.

Cafe Jade

Walking into Cafe Jade you are greeted by a wonderfully helpful staff who show you to your table.
Entering the doors of the Café you immediately understand why it is named “Jade”.

Cafe Jade Wall

The Jade green walls tie the room together to provide a wonderful ambiance and a calming effect entering and those within it.

Moving on into the Café, you are hit by the Beautiful Mural on the opposite wall. This painting reiterates the underlying Chinese theme of the Café just in case you were to forget. Yet, done ever so tastefully.

Geisha Mural


When the time came, we ordered the “Mozzarella Stuffed chicken Roulade” and the “Jade Special Chicken” as part of the main course. Both dishes were served with a generous helping of mash potatoes and sautéed vegetables.

Mozeralla Stuffed Chicken Roulade

The chicken was stuffed with the runny mozzarella and complimented by a Moroccan sauce, thus tying in the entire meal

Jade Mozarella Stuffed Roulade

Jade Special Chicken

The chicken was as tender as one could hope for in a fillet. It was topped off with a special salsa sauce which added a zing to the entire meal.Jade Special Chicken

As you can see the course was tastefully presented (pun intended) on a platter giving a generally high class atmosphere as complimented by the ambience of the café itself.

It is worth noting that they also had other desserts outside the menu, in case anyone wanted more options than the menu offered. Some of the desserts included cakes, mousses and cupcakes to name a few.

Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of the desserts and beverages, however you can see them in our 60 second video review.



My opinion of Cafe Jade, was a great place to hang out and have a reasonably priced meal, scratch that, VERY reasonably priced meal. The environment was comfortable, so comfortable that we sat for 2 and a half hours! The menu proved to be deliciously and proportionally satisfactory as well as being very good value for money. All things considered, Cafe Jade was a Fantastic place and we highly recommend it.

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