So for our fourth review, we will be looking at Sweet Affairs and their branch located in Packages Mall.
The actual environment and atmosphere of the place was great. As you walk in you are greeted with an extremely helpful staff who tend to you the entire time you are dining.

Coming to what everyone is waiting for, here we begin the review of what we actually ate.

Sweet Affairs Super Brick Oven Pizza

Super brick oven pizza

Sweet Affairs has become famous for their brick oven pizza, so we decided to try it out ourselves. It certainly lived up to the hype created and left us wanting more with every slice.

Classic Cheese Burger

Classic Cheese Burger

We ordered the burger in beef and it gave us everything you would expect from a burger. The beef had the usual cheese and lettuce with the welcome addition of mushrooms and topped of with melted cheese. The dish was also served with delicious waffle fries which can be seen in the picture.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings

Here we have a classic appetizer, chicken wings dripping in buffalo sauce and as one would expect, they were very spicy, which wasn’t a bad thing. However we did find the quantity quite less. there were only six, even as an appetizer in our opinion they should have served more.

Our Entire Order


You can see our entire main order at Sweet Affairs (minus the burger). The pizza, wings, a phone, lens and a bowl of “Fiesty Beef” noodles which we have reviewed in our 60 second video. (the phone and lens are menu items)

For Dessert we ordered a chocolate chip skillet, a Oreo and nutella milkshake and a “Peek-a-boo chocolate bomb” which needs to be seen in the video from 0:47 to 0:51 seconds.

Chocolate Chip Skillet


A cookies skillet with a soft chocolate center and topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. A great dessert dish to give you a sweet kick after the savory  dishes which we had ordered.

Oreo Nutella Wildshake


This milkshake brought together some of the greatest things in the world. Oreos, early morning sunrise, fresh air on the beach, nutella etc. The Oreo’s and nutella formed an outer layer which complimented the milk and whipped cream within the glass.

Lastly we NEED to talk about the Peek-a-boo chocolate bomb. It was a soft yet rich brownie with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Unfortunately we did not manage to get a picture of it as it was surrounded by vapor.  As earlier mentioned you can catch a glimpse of it in the 60 second video and is highly recommended to anyone visiting Sweet Affairs who wishes to try a new type of dessert.

Thanks for reading, here’s the video.