For our next review, we headed on over to Phase V, DHA Lahore to the not-so-well known Caffé Royale. The whole vibe appealed to us and the place gave an air of sophistication that isn’t seen too often. Immediately upon entering, we had to appreciate the homely vibe this cafe gave. Originally based in the UK, we feel that the Lahore outlet did justice to this franchise.caffe



The ingenuity of the cafe can be seen by the floors dedicated to specific lounges i.eCaffé Royale

Although we sat at the Royale Signature Lounge, we had to appreciate the creativity behind the other floors. We weren’t allowed to go to the Gaming Lounge as it was too early, however pictures from their website make it seem like a promising idea.

A Reading lounge exists as well and we believe it can be improved in terms of its reading list.


The Caffé Royale Ramadan Platter, as you can see below, has the traditional desi food along with a choice of any main course from their own menu. If any of you need a place for a family or friend iftaari, we’d recommend this place, especially considering the quality of the food beside the price you pay for it.

Coming to their regular menu, we ordered a couple of dishes out of which I personally liked the Peri Peri Chicken the most. In my opinion, it was presented beautifully and for the price of Rs. 775, it felt like a great value for money. The rice and vegetables exemplified the delicacy of this dish and I simply adored how neat and (if I may say) ‘Instagrammable’ my plate looked.

Caffé Royale

Peri Peri Chicken

Another dish at Caffé Royale that stood out was the Grilled Moroccan Bay. It was a tad too tangy for my taste, however I could easily see someone with the right taste buds enjoying it more. This dish originally came with rice but we asked the waiter if he could replace that with fries, which he promptly agreed to do. This was an example of great customer service and the flexibility they offer.

Caffé Royale

Grilled Moroccan Bay

The piquancy of the Chicken Tarragon was definitely noteworthy. It was well seasoned; if you’re a fan of tarragon sauce, this is one dish you need to try!

Caffé Royale

Chicken Tarragon


In my opinion they did a great job and it’s a surprise many people aren’t really aware of Caffé Royale. I believe they need to up their advertising strategy. Moreover, as aforementioned, there is a lack of magazines and fiction books in the reading lounge. Customers only stay in a cafe for a limited period of time, so magazines would be the ideal thing to read and it’s a shame there were none. Furthermore, fiction books are more appealing to youth, who are more likely to visit a cafe. Overall, the Reading Lounge bookshelf needs to be done up, otherwise it’s a place I would personally love to sit in (with a cup of their coffee of course).

Caffé Royale

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