For the fifth episode of Restaurant in 60 seconds we ventured on to the streets of Gulberg and went to an extravagantly built Casa Bianca. It was sort of odd seeing the white marble structure betwixt the sprawling urban center. It stood out quite a bit, like a diamond in the rough.

Casa Bianca – First Impressions


The restaurant as mentioned before stood out quite a bit from it’s surroundings. It had a table set up outside its premises for those who enjoy to eat under the moonlight. A quaint little fountain etched into the corner let down its waters and added a serene old Italian vibe to the setting. Inside the white marble structure, windows shaped like those of old mansions let the light flood in. It filled the restaurant with a calm serenity.

A bar was set up in the distance. It had clandestine orange lights over it, with a man hunched over it. It just made me think of an old Italian winehouse. We walked towards the bar, inspecting the lay out of the restaurant along the way. A huge lettered ‘C B’ hung on the wall, for Casa Bianca of course.

The seats were all white leather. There was this amazing blend of new and old they accomplished with them. The tables old mahogany and seats a white marble leather.We were quite charmed with the environment overall. The crowning achievement of Casa Bianca’s atmosphere was the wall of wine. The wall was all wine old Italian wine brands. It was covered. Upon closer inpection I learned that the wine labels weren’t just stuck on. They had been etched in wall and then painted over. The text in the labels even protruded. Just imagining the amount of work going into this wall was exhausting.

Overall-our first impression of Casa Bianca was that of a regal blend of old and new that wasn’t afraid to embrace the trends of the newer days while still holding on to it’s old values.

Casa Bianca- The Food

Casa Bianca had the perfect amount of variety on it’s menu. Nothing that would confuse or overwhelm. Appetizers, Entres of all kind and then deserts. The appetizers were everything from Wasabi Prawns to a Potato platter. Entres features, steaks, pastas, rolls and wraps, seafood, burgers. and steaks. The drinks offered Italian Sodas which sounded very delightful. Going over the menu, we selected the dishes.

This is where we encountered our first disappointment.

We had ordered the Wasabi Prawns and the Potato Extravaganza. The waiter had to inform us that they did not have the Wasabi Prawns. We then ordered another type of prawn. They did not have that either. We instead settled on the Honey Mustard Wings. A small time later we were served our appetizers. Four Honey Wings and three types of potato dishes: wedges, french fries and croutons in a ketchup based sauce.

Here I also noticed a recurring ‘theme’- for a lack of better words. The portion sizes were not satisfactory. The plates seemed empty. THis was especially incarnate with the Potato Extravaganza. The different types of potato were quite less and far apart. The portion size would have been satisfactory for one person alone- not more.

My reservations with the portion size aside- the food was actually quite delightful. The Honey Mustard wings were tangy and light. The potato wedges were perfectly cooked, the french fries well done and the croutons tasty. The ketchup based sauce they put on the croutons were very delicious.

Casa Bianca- The Main Course

We ordered quite a number of dishes. A BBQ Steak, Blue Cheese Steak, Ralph Lauren Chicken and Jalapeno Chicken Panini. For drinks we got a Lady Bloody, Blue Lady and a Pina Colada. The waiting time was not at all long and we received our food in the perfect amount of time. As mentioned before, the portion sizes were not satisfactory. It should be mentioned that we had troubling ordering again. They did not have a lot of the seafood items on the menu- and no dish that had beef in it.

Blue Cheese Steak

Casa Bianca Blue Cheese Steak

The Blue Cheese Steak offered two perfectly cooked chicken breasts topped off with one of the best sauces I have ever tasted. I honestly could not believe how good the sauce was. It was so flavorful; every spoonful had so much taste and so much character. I tried to identify the spices and ingredients they used but every time I put a spoon of the Blue Cheese Steak sauce in my mouth I totally lost my self. It was absolutely amazing. Hands down on my top 5 sauces I’ve had. I highly recommend this.

There were sauted vegetables and a potato ball as side dishes to the steak. The potato ball seemed tough to break into but it proved to be very delicious and a had just the tiny bit of spice. Getting to the center of the ball gave me another surprise- as there was melted cheese in the middle.

BBQ Steak

Casa Bianca BBQ Steak


The BBQ Steak surprised me. Usually I do not like BBQ sauce- which covered the BBQ steak. I do not like the overly tangy taste of the condiment. I believe Casa Bianca topped this steak off with a home-made BBQ sauce because they found the perfect balance of tanginess to taste. I was very very happy with the flavor of this steak. I finally got to enjoy something I did not like. The flavors were well balanced and the sauce was a-plenty.

This steak had the same side dishes as the Blue Cheese Steak- a potato ball with some sauted vegetables.

Ralph Lauren Chicken

With a name like that I did not know what to expect but was happy with what got put on the table. A crusted chicken breat topped off with a hollandaise sauce and olives. The hollaindaise was lovely and well well with the olives but it was the inside of the chicken that really got my attention. They had stuffed the chicken with spinach and how well did it blend with the sauce and the olives. My god- every bite was extremely flavorful. The crust also added to the delightful flavor.

Jalapeno Chicken Panini

Casa Bianca Jalapeno

I feared that the Jalapeno would overpower the other flavors in the Panini but my fears were put to rest when I tasted it. Instead of overpowering the rest of the flavors-it wonderfully complimented them. The cheese and the chicken blended extremely well with the jalapeno- and the masterfully toasted bread. The portion size with this was actually not that bad, as they put two giant slices of the Panini. Overall I was very happy with the Jalapeno Chicken Panini. It was a delicious and filling snack.


The Drinks

The Blue Lady was not blue. In fact it was purple.I asked if I had received the correct drink and it turns our I did. I didn’t like it very much. The medicine-ey flavor was too intense for my liking. but visually the drink looked nice.

The Lady Bloody was on the list for the Red Bull Mocktails. We were expecting a red drink, or just even having a slight tinge of red but all we got was a golden yellow drink. it tasted exactly like Red Bull. If they intended it to taste like something else- they failed.

The Pina Colada was a standard Pina Colada- but it looked very pretty. There’s not much to say about the taste, it was what you would expect from such a drink.

Casa Bianca- The Verdict

Casa Bianca is built to accommodate anyone with a taste for the finer things in life. The feeling and general air of the restaurant made sure of that. The taste of the food further cemented that belief. The white marble structure and the golden Casa Bianca sign made me feel as if i was in old Italy. The general vibe was that of sophistication and it showed in how they presented their food. I would argue that their portion sizes need to improve. Overall I would highly recommend Casa Bianca.