This heat is going to be the death of me you guys. I feel like the sun and Lahore’s pollution have made a joint pact to ruin my skin this Summer. Ughh. So I took it upon myself to find skincare that is locally available and can help solve my skin woes, and luckily for you, I will share my research with you.

Activated charcoal bar

Known for its skin detoxifying super powers, activated charcoal will really get those impurities out of your pores and give you fresher, healthier, and suppler skin. Conatural (which is an awesome skin and haircare brand btw) and Aura Crafts, both sell activated charcoal bars available online and at Al Fatah.


Price Range: 300-400

Tea Tree Oil

For those of you who are in a constant battle with acne like I am, this is a dream come true. Not only is it strangely cooling on the skin, it is also very effective and eliminates your acne like this *snaps fingers*.


Available at Conatural for PKR 600, which I think is a bargain guys.

Ives Apricot Scrub

HOLY GRAIL. I kid you not, I have seen my mother and aunts use this ever since I was a kid and now I use it and it gives the same, if not better, results. It glows your skin up like a 100 watt bulb (lol jk, but it works).


Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask

Winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award, this mask, priced between PKR 300-400, purifies and exfoliates your skin simultaneously, giving you an instant glow that lasts for weeks.


Konjac Sponge

Okay I don’t know what this is called in Urdu, but I got mine by showing its picture to my local cosmetics store, and they gave me one packaged in a box with some sort of oriental language on it. BUT GUYS, this skincare product is a miracle worker! Konjac sponges are extremely soft exfoliators and they can even be used to remove makeup.


Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Another find from my awful forehead-covered-with-acne days, this face wash will last you half a year, and will help prevent any breakouts. For that, the price of around a 1000 rupees is totally digestible, I think.


Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Anyone as obsessed with skincare as me would know that Peter Thomas Roth is a skincare god (and prices products accordingly). Lucky for you, I found out that the amazing Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off mask is a great dupe for Peter Thomas Roth’s $48 Cucumber Gel Mask, and is 1/10th of the price.


The Body Shop Oils of Life

Okay, I admit, this is a pretty pricey product, but boy oh boy, does it work? It does something to your skin that I cannot describe in words. For mature skin type, try their Drops of Youth. MIRACLE WORKERS.


Calamine Lotion

Known for its drying qualities, this over the counter pharmacy product is great to get rid of redness, rashes, and even acne. And the cost is like a joke (that’s how affordable it is).


Aura Crafts Restore and Revive Face Oils

Priced at PKR 1400, these oils will improve your skin’s elasticity, clear it up, and act as a perfect makeup base for drier skin types. Add them to your foundation too if you want a more sheer and luminous coverage.


Coconut Oil

Available at your local pansaar ki dukaan as well as at your local Al-Fatah etcetera, this oil is the solution to almost all of your skin problems. I slather it all over my hair and face and trust me, the hype is real.



Okay fair warning, use it at your own risk. While this medicinal ointment works as a fast action zit zapper and international makeup artist Anam Falak swears by it, overuse of it is a bad idea.


Aztec Healing Clay

Okay this isn’t available at any store per se, but makeup pages on Facebook such as Chic Bazaar and Cosmetic Planet (which have great reviews) sell it for under PKR 2000. Known for its amazing skin clearing qualities, mix this miracle mask with apple cider vinegar and get amazing results in just one use. The Desi Wonder Woman swears by it, too, as you can see here.



Rose Water

Ammi jaan kaha karti thien, arq-e-gulaab jaisa kuch nahin (ok lame joke, sorry). Use it as an everyday skin freshener, as your own MAC Fix+, as a skin cleanser, or just as a way to beat the heat. And lucky for us, Hamdard and Marhaba also sell it in these PKR 150-200 spray bottles which you can just keep in your bags. My go to skincare product, you guys.



Need more? Here’s a little something about the best moisturizer for summer.