They say that Switzerland, Norway, Ireland is the hub of he greatest works created by Mother Nature but these pictures prove that Pakistan’s Northern areas are no less beauty. A mixture of mountains, waterfalls, hills, lakes and valleys, these 5 places are the most photogenic places we have ever been and trust us when we say this, Europe doesn’t even hold a candle to them.

Baltoro Glacier

This monstrous beauty is too perfect to be true but alas, that is what Mother Nature is all about. This could pretty much be the 8th wonder of the world but oh well, it is not…..yet. Its beauty surely cannot be captured by ANY camera but Mama Nature really out did herself here. However, this glacier is still perhaps the most photogenic block of ice we have ever seen.

Mother Nature

Rainbow Lake

Okay so can I just say wow? Hats off to Mother Nature here. The name of the lake, the glittery water, the colors and the beautiful background greenery makes it the most photogenic water body you guys will ever come across. It’s like unicorn tears, people.Mother Nature

Naltar Lake

Holy Mama Nature! Is this Neverland? This lake is just TOO good to be true, its burst of colors are a perfect contrast to the white snow covered background. This lakes beauty cannot be put into words and is absolutely out of this world.

Mother Nature


Nobody is foreign to this work of Mother Nature. This is one of the MOST famous places to visit in Pakistan and who wouldn’t want to? The lake is so clear that it makes probably the fanciest mirrors in the history of mirrors. The rocky mountain in the background and the clear sky are the perfect cherry on the top.

Mother Nature

Deosai Plains

The final bomb work of Mother Nature that should top everyone’s bucket list is no less than an image taken out from a Disney Book or from ones wildest imaginations; this plain has it all: colors, snow, flora and fauna. A white wonderland in winters (kinda like Elsa’s castle) and green everlasting fields in summers, this is Mama Natures mic drop.

Mother Nature