So you might’ve seen people on Facebook posting screenshots from an app called Sarahah  and might have thought, ‘oh god, not another trend that’s going to die out in a couple of weeks’. Then you would’ve thought, ‘ Well what the hell is a Sarahah?’ Good question! Well it’s not really a good question but whatever

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is an app from Saudia Arabia and the word literally means ‘Honesty’ .It has been getting extremely popular since it allows people to anonymously post messages to people they know. So for instance if you don’t like someone but can’t tell it to their face, all you have to do is make your way over to Sarahah and tell them anonymously, what you think of them. The internet dream realized! Why talk to someone face to face when you can go behind like three walls and throw and un-marked paper aeroplane telling them how smelly they are! You don’t even need an account to send a message so anyone and everyone can send you a message as long as they know your handle on the app.

Some may call Sarahah an app for cowards but then again it may give you the courage to say something you might have never otherwise said. So it is a complicates little cookie. On one hand you can make someones day by telling them how cool they are and how much you admire them but you might also take advantage of the anonymity and leave some cruel messages. Honesty is a double edged sword. But you know what they say about honesty and the truth right?

Sarahah Carries on an Old Legacy

You might be wondering, ‘ Doth my eyes deceive me, For I have bared witness to such an application before!’ Why yes you have! A few years ago was all the rage since it pretty much allowed users to do the same as what Sarahah offers now. Leave anonymous messages. But it has since long gone out of style as these things go. The makers of Sarahah thought they should bring back the old anonymous message razzle dazzle into the phone world and boy howdy did they ever. People have been going absolutely nuts over lil’ app.

I actually installed the app for this blog so I could familiarize myself with how it works. I posted the link to Facebook and I gotta say, I’ve been constantly refreshing the app checking for messages. It’s like I want to feed to ego with the messages I receive and that’s where I think this app is pretty dangerous. Imagine a 13 year old who’s just still forming their self-image and then getting a hurtful message. That would shatter whatever self-esteem they have.

But hey you, reading this! I want you to feed my ego. No, ok really if you know me or have come to know me through the videos or blogs I’ve done, leave me a message. Here is my Sarahah

I really want to see the kind of messages I will receive, it’s also sort of a test for you guys.Consider it a social experiment. Will you leave a hurtful message to someone you barely know, or leave a kind message so you can make my day. The power is in your hands!

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A 20 year old goofster with a deep undying love for Mario, The Legend of Zelda and all things Nintendo. Currently attending FAST National University for Computer Science , he looks to share his wacky sense of humor with everyone

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